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Fine Storehouse Management In Storehouse
May 29, 2018

As we all know, due to the lack of systematic, process management ideas, and lack of corresponding IT technology input, SMEs often consider the cost factors too much when purchasing WMS. And in the process of combing and demand lack of professional skills. Based on this, through multi-party investigation, according to the pain point of storage management of small and medium-sized enterprise customers, this paper puts forward five advantages of various security measures to help "storekeeper" win the word of mouth.

1.multi-business scenario, "storehouse" system with full channel, multi-format order fulfillment ability, suitable for B2C/C2C/B2B/O2O and other multi-business scenarios, clothing, logistics, retail enterprises can be applied, and can achieve order life cycle tracking. 

2. The configuration is easier, the high process is configurable, compared with the traditional WMS software, the "storekeeper" system provides more lightweight services, supports rapid iterative optimization, and has a secure micro-service gateway. Can check the rights before the service access, service current limit, service fuse, risk control and other security protection. 

3. the performance price ratio is higher, the SAAS platform not only can be deployed quickly, but also the price is more "affordable" than the customized software, adopting the rental + flow charging combination mode, the cost is more flexible and transparent, Solve the largest threshold of enterprise warehouse informatization. 

4. The system has the ability to support the order distribution business of multi-warehouse and multi-owner. It can realize inventory allocation, centralized deployment, overall management of resources and construction of a comprehensive warehouse logistics management system. 

5. Strategy diversity, storekeeper "system supports a wealth of strategy engines, such as receiving strategy, loading strategy, wave strategy, to promote more accurate and rapid order fulfillment.

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