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For Maintenance And Better Management
Oct 17, 2017

Mold rack Customization is in the factory on the basis of continuous development, the warehouse subdivision. In product research and development and mold growing enterprises. For maintenance and better management. The mould rack becomes an indispensable shelf for the enterprise. Enterprises can be customized according to their own requirements more suitable for mold rack.

Mold Frame Customization Why will let the consumption of love and hate, we first to analyze the reason for the mold frame custom raised, now the standard mold rack gradually can not meet the requirements of enterprise mold storage, so the mold frame customization has also been a great opportunity for development.

Now active in the market of the mold rack manufacturers, in addition to some well-known enterprises, the vast majority of small micro-enterprises, factory size is not small, but these companies are smaller, but relatively flexible to adapt to the diverse needs of consumption, can provide better service, but the product quality is difficult to guarantee, so that, it hurts a lot of consumer hearts,

At this stage, the mold rack to meet the needs of consumption how to do it

A mold rack manufacturers can not do just meet the needs of a consumer, the future mold rack market will gradually to subdivide, but at this stage, mold manufacturers or to meet the requirements of customers.

First, should pay attention to the mold to store the weight of the goods can not exceed the maximum load weight of the mold rack. It is easy to find the overturning phenomenon.

Second, in the mold rack to take the goods, must bring good gloves, avoid sharp objects scratched the mold rack.

Third, do not stand on the Mold shelf drawer board, avoid accidents.

Four, do not put the mold long-term in the humid water environment, otherwise the mold frame is easy to rust.

V. Avoid collisions to the mold rack.

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