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Good Sealing Property, Safe And Reliable
Oct 17, 2017

In recent years, the stimulation and promotion of the policy, the domestic cold chain logistics park construction upsurge, and the corresponding hardware facilities have not synchronized development, become the Logistics park construction and operation of the main constraints. The domestic cold chain logistics park has yet to be upgraded in infrastructure. To realize the whole process of cold chain logistics intensive and efficient operation, mainly lies in the effective integration of cold storage resources and systematic and scientific control.

The advantages and disadvantages of different shelves in cold storage

Because of the concept of intensive storage, the shelf system has also changed greatly, most of the shelf systems are now close to the concept of intensive storage systems to adapt to the current logistics storage system changes. According to the current logistics warehousing system needs, shelf system has formed part of the mainstream shelf type, its main is to meet the requirements of various types of logistics warehousing system, to maximize the current logistics and warehousing system needs to improve the efficiency of logistics storage system. At present, the most common types of pallet-type-intensive shelves in logistics warehousing system are dynamic and without power, the power-free shelves are: drive-in shelves, push-type shelves, gravity-type shelves and so on.

1. Drive-In Shelves

Drive-In shelves are currently the most common and cheapest pallet-intensive storage systems, usually the goods are deposited first, then removed, the appropriate direction is mainly large quantities of single items of goods, can not be too many kinds of division. The advantage of this kind of shelf system is that the cost of investment is relatively low. However, due to the need to use the forklift into the aisle to operate, so the depth of the shelf is generally not more than 10 more than the depth of the pallet, resulting in the efficiency of access to the goods is relatively low, and due to the limitations of forklift tools, resulting in its space utilization only 60%-75%. Its advantages are: simple structure, low cost, under normal circumstances, the general cost of 200 to 350 yuan per pallet storage location. Its disadvantage is: forklift need to open the internal operation of the shelf, high risk, the author in the shelves of the interior of the vision is not open enough, the lack of light. For the space utilization is insufficient, for more than 6 meters space can not work, at the same time the stability has the flaw. At the same time this shelf is limited to FIFO principle.

2. Back-Push Racking

Back-type shelves are also called pressure-type shelves, the capacity of the dense storage pallet with the driving-type shelves, this design makes the forklift does not need to enter the interior of the shelves, the goods placed in the car with wheels, the car relies on its own gravity can be along the shelves of the track down to take the Similar to the submachine gun magazine design principle. The space utilization of this kind of shelve system is only about 60%. Its advantages are: The column between the beam by the connection, increasing the stability of the column, so as to avoid the risk of through the shelves. Its disadvantage is: the cost is increased to $number yuan per storage location, generally one-sided storage can not exceed 5 pallet locations. Its limitations and forklift pick-up height restrictions, the same shelf is also limited to the advanced first out principle.

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