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How Does The Logistics Industry Develop
May 11, 2018

First you have to have more than half a million dollars to register.It is not difficult to follow the process.

However, the logistics industry in China is very special, and the survival is basically the nature of the underworld. If you don't have this kind of preparation, you'd better not intervene.Although the industry is facing new opportunities and challenges, it is also the same industry in China, but I hope you can get a thorough understanding of it before entering.The industry is very deep.

I don't know where you are.You can go to the local logistics market to study well, and make some friends in the circle to know.China's logistics companies face the challenge of large foreign logistics enterprises.There will soon be a big shuffle, not enough money and management technology won't win, the weakness of Chinese enterprises besides funds, more importantly, management lags behind.

Summarizing the world's top 10 logistics companies, we find four characteristics:

1. American logistics companies dominate.The world's top 10 logistics enterprises in the United States has five, including two of the biggest company UPS and FedEX, at the same time, the sum of income of five accounts for two-thirds of top 10 enterprises benefits, is the logistics enterprises is very important in the world.In a sense, the level of the logistics market is directly proportional to the degree of economic development.

2.10 large and successful logistics enterprises are mainly in the background of air transportation, express delivery and land transportation.Such as the land and air of UPS business accounted for 54% and 19% respectively, the FedEX air and road transport business accounted for 83% and 11% respectively, the Japanese trucks and air express business accounted for 44% and 16%, respectively, TNT post and express delivery business accounted for 42% and 41% respectively, Panalpina air and sea business accounted for 45% and 45% respectively.

3. The degree of regional concentration of business is high (i.e. the degree of localization is high).UPS's domestic business accounts for 89% of its business,FedEX has 76 percent of its domestic business, and its European operations account for more than 70 percent of its total business. TNT accounts for 85 percent of its business in Europe and 93 percent in Japan.

4.10 most of the major logistics enterprises are asset-intensive enterprises, and most of them have logistics facilities and networks.

Therefore, from the perspective of business structure, the comprehensive enterprise with the background of express, air transportation and other express business will have great potential in the armies of the modern logistics industry.

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