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Influence Of Internet Of Things On Modern Logistics Management
May 24, 2018

The Internet of things is the core of the Internet, but it is a component of the new generation of information networks, and also an extension of the Internet. 

Defined as: through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and the Internet, thermal sensors, laser scanning equipment, gas sensing and other sensor equipment, in accordance with a certain agreement, linked to the Internet, the implementation of information communication, exchange, To achieve intelligent tracking, identification, monitoring, positioning, management and other purposes. The three technologies of Internet of things include sensor technology, communication network system and intelligent system. Through the RFID-GPS system, sensing, infrared, laser and other Internet of things technology can be used to identify, locate, track, count, classify, select the information operation. Application of Internet of things Technology in current Logistics Field: application of RFID RFID Technology in Logistics Field By using a RFID reader at the distribution center's receiving office, loading the RFID label on the package box, installing a mobile RFID reader on the handling equipment and installing it at the warehouse entrance and exit, pallet, shelf, and other logistics gates, By using the handheld reader, the information management of goods inventory can be realized for each running detail of the goods in the whole distribution center. 

The application of GPS in the field of logistics: the application of GPS technology to the transportation management of the vehicle can track and locate the whole course of the freight transport vehicle. At present, many large crude oil companies have introduced this technology to ensure the safety and efficiency of cargo transportation through intelligent monitoring. The intelligent port system, represented by the container truck monitoring GPS software and the special GPS on-board monitoring system, has become the symbol of the development of the Internet of things technology in the port industry of our country. Also for the development of Internet of things technology in the port industry laid a solid foundation. Through the software of in-transit monitoring system, we can track the whole course of the vehicles on the way, improve the level of the goods supply organization, speed up the turnover efficiency, and establish and equip the GPS intelligent logistics network system.  

The development trend of the Internet of things in the future: the Internet of things technology is a comprehensive technology, its application in the logistics industry has the characteristics of scale, extensiveness, management, technology and so on. The new logistics business system is formed by intelligent transportation, automatic warehousing, dynamic distribution and information control. As the Internet of things runs through every link in the logistics industry, the supply chain of the logistics industry is closely linked to form a seamless docking, and then constitute a logistics service chain. At the same time, logistics information in the implementation of the Internet of things environment, is conducive to the optimal allocation and integration of resources, and greatly improve the operational efficiency. Effectively transmit the real-time information needed by logistics enterprises, help enterprises analyze and solve problems, make timely and effective decisions, improve internal operational efficiency and improve logistics service level. Logistics industry is the most widely used industry in the Internet of things, its development is conducive to the specialization of logistics. Have a positive impact on the operation of logistics links and promote the integration of logistics functions. With the support of related policies and the continuous development of the Internet of things technology, the logistics industry in China will be greatly changed with the development of the Internet of things and will be deeply affected by it.

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