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Information Technology Boost The Development Of Logistics Industry
Jun 25, 2018

The process of increasing the proportion of information management to reduce the cost and improve the quality and efficiency of the logistics industry is the process of giving play to the role of both the government and the market. At the government level, we need to break the system, clean up all kinds of arbitrary charges, and speed up infrastructure construction. At the market level, logistics enterprises need to improve the level of management. At present, it is expected to improve logistics infrastructure and further reduce logistics cost. 

For example, the executive meeting of the State Council held a few days ago proposed the construction of the Yangtze River economic belt, or increased investment in the dredging of waterways, the capacity for shipping, the subway transportation network, and other transportation and infrastructure; and the state encouraged people to enter the railway. Promote the marketization of railway freight prices, conducive to reduce social logistics costs. In addition, the use of information technology is a powerful means of reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the logistics industry. Logistics industry is a complex service industry which integrates transportation, storage, freight forwarding, information and other industries, among which, the information level of transportation links is very important, and the operators' intelligent logistics solutions have great opportunities to display their talents. At present, the intelligent logistics launched by telecom operators uses modern information technology (Internet 3G / GPRS/ RFIDID GPS, GIS-cloud computing technology, etc.) to realize information collection, screening, analysis, command, and aggregation of items at various stages. 

Play a reasonable scheduling, strengthen supervision, reduce the effect of the role. For example, china telecom logistics e-com can achieve vehicle positioning, monitoring and warning, vehicle scheduling, video monitoring and other functions, for logistics enterprises to create a high performance-to-price comprehensive vehicle management platform. As logistics enterprises pay more and more attention to the key technologies of information and supply chain, RFID sensors, call centers and other industry chain related enterprises will be promoted. In addition, as two closely related industries, the logistics industry upgrade will play a huge role in promoting e-commerce, and then help the consumption of information.

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