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Intelligent Logistics Robot
Jan 03, 2018

As the demographic dividend gradually disappears and the labor-dependent logistics industry is also striving to shift from labor-intensive to technology-intensive and from traditional models to smart robot logistics. In recent years, China's logistics industry is constantly developing towards modernization and intelligence, and various advanced technologies and advanced equipment have emerged. Smart robots with handling, stacking, sorting and other functions have also mushroomed to become a hot spot in the logistics industry.

With the active layout of various giants and the rapid rise of cutting-edge start-up companies, all major enterprises have joined the market layout and research and development of intelligent logistics robots. In particular, under the background of vigorously promoting China-made manufacturing 2025 and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, Intelligent logistics robot has been considered as the next outlet. According to relevant research data, the global logistics robot market will grow from 16 billion U.S. dollars in 2014 to 31.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. With huge market space, the robot intelligent logistics will be a market of 10 billion.

As we all know, the originator of the intelligent logistics industry should be the Amazon. Since 2014, it has started to use robots in its intelligent logistics system. Nowadays, it is developing more comprehensively. The single rush robot has deployed 100,000 units around the world. With the rapid development of e-commerce, China's courier volume has ranked first in the world and has become the veritable logistics power in the world. The e-commerce platform represented by Ali, Jingdong and Suning has also been laid out in the field of intelligent logistics. 618 last year, Jingdong delivery robot officially put into operation. Not to be outdone Ali also invested in the same period delivery robot "Little G", follow-up more self-developed cost million robots "Cao Cao" concern. Suning UAV is the first to achieve real delivery. It is not difficult to see that each logistics robot from different scenarios to start, to achieve "goods to people" picking system, robot sorting system, robot handling system.

In addition to the Internet giant, many pioneering companies are targeting the smart robot logistics market, meanwhile, some powerful domestic logistics system integrators have also invested in the field of warehouse logistics robots, and achieved remarkable results in the market. However, there are still many bottlenecks in the intelligent logistics robot with a promising future. In particular, the lack of core technology in China, robot autonomous navigation problems as well as the overall R & D costs.

However, the growing scale of e-commerce nowadays, the dependence on logistics is very crucial, and even become a magic weapon for e-commerce giants to win. The future by introducing more intelligent and efficient logistics robot, while reducing labor costs, reduce error rate, while significantly improve warehouse utilization and operational efficiency, and ultimately enhance the competitiveness of e-commerce. Say that the past 10 years is the electricity supplier dispute, that next 10 years must be the logistics war.

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