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It Is Important To Realize Long Term Operation
Oct 17, 2017

In modern logistics warehousing, storage shelves form a lot of types, they have different configuration, forming a different form of storage of goods. or loaded, or carrying capacity is strong, or high degree of automation, or with a variety of functions. Among them, the shuttle-type shelves in the past few years, by the demand for the welcome, they have the characteristics of the composition, so that in the operation compared to other general storage shelves, has a number of advantages. But in contrast, there are some shortcomings and shortcomings.

The shuttle shelves look somewhat like the drive-in shelves (through-through shelves), but there is a lot of transcendence in comparison. They all use forklifts at the same time, but the shuttle-type shelves just use the forklift to put the goods at the end of the shuttle shelf, then the steps to the shuttle trolley, and through-type shelves need to be forklift into the shelves of internal loading and unloading operations. This reduces or avoids possible damage to the shelves. In terms of storage, it is clear that there is a higher storage advantage than heavy-duty shelves, pressed shelves, and gravity shelves. Through-type racking is also a dense inventory, but in terms of stability and safety, it is slightly less than the shuttle-type shelves.

Of course, the biggest advantage of shuttle shelves is in their automated storage mode. In the field of automated warehousing, compared to the comprehensive automated three-dimensional library, in the construction cost is also more advantageous, in many small and medium-sized enterprises, for upgrading the original, or to build a better storage shelf system, shuttle rack system in the cost of comparative advantage. In the terminal control of the shuttle system, according to the actual situation flexibly choose advanced first out or advanced function. And because of its automated design operation advantages, very suitable in the cold storage and other extreme warehouse use in order to minimize the activities of personnel, to enhance the actual efficiency.

The technical difficulties and disadvantages of shuttle racking. Shuttle shelves one of its core parts is the shuttle trolley, which is the main component of its automation. In this way, the demand for it is very high. Because its operation is controlled by the remote terminal, it is very important to ensure the communication is normal and to realize long-term operation within the range of design distance. In addition, the other parts of the shuttle car should be coordinated to ensure the overall effect. The acquisition of this technology-high level of equipment needs to be done in partnership with a powerful technology company to ensure that it works together on the shelves to accommodate warehouse and inventory requirements.

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