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JingDong Unmanned Warehouse
May 30, 2018

Entering the warehouse, you can see that the traditional AGV forklift, six-axis robot, automatic package feeding robot and dozens of different kinds of robots are methodically busy inside the 40000 square meters warehouse. These robots are the protagonists of the warehouse, and human beings are supporting roles. According to introduction, the unmanned warehouse in the use of the robot density is the industry leader. Come to the unattended sorting area, 300 "little red people" in charge of sorting are busy shuttling around the ground. 

After carrying the busy goods, they "meet" each other and give each other comity. After they are finished, they also go to "consciously" recharge themselves. According to the introduction, "Little Red Man" is an amazing speed, 3 meters per second, which is the fastest sorting speed in the world. The whole process is full of robots, from goods to storage, packaging, sorting, thousands of robots precision coordination, the real realization of the whole process, the whole system intelligent, efficiency is 10 times that of the traditional warehouse. It is necessary to evaluate an unmanned warehouse, such as "unmanned operation", "digitization of operation" and "intelligent decision making". In operation digitization, the unmanned warehouse needs the ability of self-perception, self-adaptation, self-decision, self-diagnosis and self-repair. 

For the JingDong Shanghai Unmanned Warehouse, the "Little Red Man" can use the best route to complete the selection of goods, with a routine failure, and the small Red Man can automatically repair in a short span of 30 seconds. The Smart brain can work out 68 billion possible paths for Little Red Man in 0. 2 seconds and make the best choice. The intelligent control system reacts at a speed of 0.017 seconds, which is six times the speed of human response and is the world's leading level. Under the pressure of the "11.11" order peak, the unattended warehouse from the storage, scanning, packaging, sorting, out of the warehouse all links are orderly, the performance is not vulgar. 

In this unmanned warehouse, the intelligent control system that controls the overall situation, the "intelligent" brain developed for JingDong, the warehouse management, control, sorting and distribution information systems, etc., are all developed by JingDong and have their own intellectual property rights. The whole system is integrated by JingDong.

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