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Low Cost, Safe And Reliable, Easy Disassembly
Oct 17, 2017

Heavy-duty storage shelves are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers, and other fields, not only applicable to a variety of small batches of goods, but also suitable for small varieties of large quantities of goods. This type of shelves in the high warehouse and ultra-high-level warehouse applications, is a medium, large enterprises often used warehouse shelves.

Heavy-duty storage shelf structure features mainly the following:

1, heavy storage shelves in general, the column height of not more than 12 meters, and can be built on the shelves of attic shelves.

2, heavy-duty storage shelves of the column by the column, transverse support, inclined to bolt connected to the form of the column and P-type closed-ended beam into the rack frame, the use of secure pin fixed, simple and reliable structure; The steel plate is placed above the crossbeam to form the whole shelf. Each layer can be adjusted freely up and down 75mm step distance.

3, heavy storage shelves can be with the size of the beam, the thickness of the laminate, the number of reinforcements to determine the level of the requirements, in the relative length and material requirements in accordance with the situation.

4, heavy storage shelves for the various industries, low cost, safe and reliable, assembly, disassembly simple, can be used alone, can also be used in the form of the main and vice-frame free arrangement.

1. Load-bearing capacity. Heavy-duty shelves are called heavy-duty shelves because of its strong bearing capacity. This is its greatest virtue, heavy-duty shelves It has several layers, each time there are two units can put goods, each unit of the maximum load can reach 2000KG, which is two tons of weight, heavy-duty shelves each can reach four tons of bearing capacity, buy a heavy shelf load capacity will be more.

2. Wide application scope. This is the important reason for the popularization of heavy-duty shelves, where heavy-duty shelves are not required to store goods, and basically all goods can be stored on heavy duty shelves.

3. Convenient storage and selection. The arrangement of heavy-duty shelves is relatively clear, in the storage of goods can be transported directly to the freight truck before the shelf, whether it is inventory or pick up goods are fiche convenient, and in the selection of goods, at a glance can be seen clearly all the situation of goods.

4. Height is not limited. The height of the heavy-duty racking can be very selective, with a minimum of 1.5m, the highest can reach 30m, which is due to the limitations of warehouse space, and each layer of space is adjustable, very convenient.

5. Easy installation. Heavy-duty shelves are not like other shelves with screws or direct welding, it is combined, through a special design, plug-in combination again, disassembly is very convenient.

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