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Market Analysis Report Of Intelligent Logistics Equipment Industry
Jun 01, 2018

First, the intelligent logistics system aims to reduce the cost of business logistics and improve the efficiency of industrial production. 

With the increase of manpower cost, lack of land resources and the increasing demand of enterprise information management, enterprises increasingly need more rapid, accurate, effective logistics system, efficient and efficient logistics system has become one of the core competitiveness of enterprises. The intelligent logistics system can save the warehouse area, reduce the manpower and personnel work intensity, reduce the damage in the process of logistics distribution, and its information management system can monitor the logistics operation process in real time and form the logistics information. Seamless docking with other enterprise management systems, the system automatically receives and transmits information, which makes the enterprise realize the integration of information flow, material flow and capital flow, and improve the level of enterprise information management. Intelligent logistics system can also improve the storage management capacity and logistics delivery efficiency, ensure the timeliness and accuracy of logistics delivery, and then improve the production and distribution efficiency of enterprises. Automated warehouse system: shelves, stacker and intensive storage of automatic sub-mother car and other automatic storage equipment. Automatic handling and conveying system: all kinds of conveyors, unmanned trolleys, rail shuttle vehicles, robots and other automatic handling equipment. Automatic sorting and sorting system: all kinds of automatic sorting equipment, handheld terminal picking and electronic label picking. Information management system: logistics management software, warehouse control software, intelligent sorting and picking software.

Second, facing the two major links of industrial production and commercial trade circulation, there is huge market space.

Intelligent logistics system can be divided into industrial production type and commercial distribution type intelligent logistics system, namely factory logistics and e-commerce logistics. The automatic logistics system of industrial production and commercial distribution is based on the automatic warehouse system, and the automated logistics equipment and information management system are similar to each other.

Third´╝îIndustrial productive Intelligent Logistics system: similar functions in different industries, easy to replicate.

Intelligent logistics systems can be widely used in tobacco, cold chain, new energy vehicles, medicine, machinery manufacturing, airports, retail chains, e-commerce and food and beverage industries. Although intelligent logistics systems are used in a wide range of fields, the basic functions of intelligent logistics systems used in different industries are the same. They can automate logistics activities such as material entry and exit, storage, transportation, sorting and sorting, distribution, etc. Information and intelligence, the system architecture based on this function can cover different industries, although it still needs to plan and design according to the business characteristics of the enterprise, carry on the individualized secondary development of the software and customize the logistics equipment, etc. However, the planning and design idea of the intelligent logistics system, the intelligent logistics equipment and software used in the downstream industries are similar, the technology platform is more common, and it is easy to replicate across industries.

Forth,Intelligent logistics system of commercial distribution: the benefit express company listed on the market, the first outbreak.

Commercial circulation logistics is to provide product storage, sorting, distribution and information management for commercial enterprises, realize the automatic transmission of information and the automatic processing of orders, improve the ability of order processing, reduce the cost of order sorting, and reduce the error of goods sorting. Reduce inventory and delivery time, reduce circulation costs.

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