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New Development Of Green Express
May 16, 2018

Express logistics industry rapid development, the demand for corrugated paper continues to rise. In December of last year, the regulations on Environmental Protection of imported waste Paper and the regulations on Environmental Protection of solid wastes restricted for use as Raw Materials were issued, stipulating that the production capacity of enterprises importing waste paper should not be less than 50,000 tons per year. The production capacity in the previous draft should be no less than 300000 tons per year to not less than 50 tons per year, which shows the great demand for waste paper in China. The standard of 50,000 tons has greatly relaxed the living space of small paper mills, especially in the field of corrugated paper production, there are many paper mills with production capacity less than 300000 tons, and the government has reserved the channels for small paper mills to use imported waste paper. However, with the gradual advance of the ban on "foreign garbage" in China, in February, China adjusted the upper limit of import impurities for waste paper to 0.5 percent, more stringent than the previous regulation of 1.5 percent. This means that even if the production capacity is not less than 50,000 tons a year, it may not meet the import standards due to inadequate classification and excessive impurities. China's determination to crack down on "foreign garbage" remains firm. While raising the import standard of waste paper, the examination and approval aspect is also more cautious than before, and the efforts to crack down on "foreign garbage" smuggling are constantly increasing. In the long run, more strict import restriction of waste paper will reduce the import of waste paper. In the face of the domestic high demand for waste paper, the express delivery industry, which has the greatest demand for paper packaging, starts to look for corresponding countermeasures from its own. The corrugated box used by express delivery industry is mostly one-time packaging, high cost and short cycle. Last year, "double 11", SUNING, JingDong and other large e-commerce platforms began to try out shared delivery boxes, circular packaging bags, 100% degradable express bags and so on, replacing corrugated board required for traditional express packaging. In February this year, the newly revised national standard of "package products for Express delivery" was released, which stipulated that the quantitative requirements of the paper used for express envelopes should be reduced. In addition, the interim regulations on Express delivery, which came into effect on May 1, encourage the use of degradable and reusable environmentally friendly packaging materials, and encourage enterprises engaged in express delivery business to take measures to recover express packaging materials. To realize the reduction and reuse of packaging materials. Data from the 2018 National Postal Administration Conference showed that China completed 40.1 billion courier services last year. That means an average of 30 couriers per person a year. If such a large number of couriers can be packaged with environmentally friendly materials, it will reduce the demand for corrugated paper from the source and thus reduce the dependence on waste paper imports. In the future, more and more strict import restrictions on waste paper will become a powerful thrust to promote the development of green express.


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