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New Retail Clothing, The Logistics Is The Hard Truth
May 22, 2018

In the context of the rapid development of new retailing, it is predicted that China will produce 1 billion packages per day, at the rate of an hour and a minute.From the cost, efficiency and experience, the intelligent logistics that integrates big data innovation has become the new hot spot in the industry, which is an important foundation to support the vigorous development of new retail.

For companies, "new retail" means integrating scene experience, transaction (payment), delivery (logistics).For this reason, alibaba, through the layout of the vegetable bird and other layout to improve the smart logistics infrastructure, first started the logistics big acceleration, such as the logistics day, the next day has covered more than 1,000 districts and counties nationwide;Tmall is delivered in one hour;A box of horse fresh produce the fastest 30 minutes to arrive home, two hours extremely quick door-to-door to take a retreat etc., laid the foundation for the new retail hair force.

In retail, efficient distribution is a crucial link.Wal-mart, a traditional retail giant, has been known by many professionals as a "logistics enterprise disguised as a retail enterprise".Because of the flexibility of the wal-mart distribution center inventory management is in place, into the distribution center of goods can usually be shipped within 24-48 hours, this is the most domestic enterprises are difficult to achieve, also become the key factor of standing in the global market.

However, most people don't know, wal-mart since entering China, as the growth of the suppliers and shippers, exchange of information demand of the distribution center, it adopted the custom of TMS project, and the HOST (financial), SMART (stores), combination of GDS (warehouse) 3 system., wal-mart in order to realize more effective deployment in logistics and domestic logistics software vendors extreme intelligence information for further cooperation, achieve the unified control and strategic deployment in terms of logistics.

It is said that the new retail sales are not the retail, but the traditional express.In an era of rapid growth, new retail is essentially a challenge to supply chain logistics: how to reduce this synergistic cost with new technology?

According to understand, to help logistics enterprise development, only wisdom information based on a large data and artificial intelligence technology, build the OMS logistics order management system, TMS transportation management system, WMS warehouse management system, BMS logistics financial control system, ROS path optimization system, TCS, car goods trading system, LRCS multi-type robot control system and logistics chain cloud platform and other products, to make logistics in road transport specification and efficient, to new retail + wisdom logistics to provide practical solutions.

The reporter understands, extreme intelligence information of TMS system has powerful scheduling functions, can be based on line with scientific scheduling algorithm to generate scheduling suggestion, and according to the rules, according to the main line and distribution set up continuous service lines set the number of delivery order, and even in the graphical interface intuitively see real-time driving route, optimize the distribution lines and the arrangement of the vehicle, greatly improve the management efficiency, to increase circulation and retail/warehouse layout aspects of integration and coordination.Combined with cloud box tracking services, GPS/GIS integration services, powerful TMS system also can do the rapid response to abnormal orders, do, such as temperature monitoring, deviation, overspeed warning vehicles in road abnormal automatic alarm, to carry out monitoring in road transport.

However, under the system of the whole new retail, the market is actually several glad several sorrow, as represented by ali, jingdong platform company received great benefits at the same time, the brands compared with become very passive.Accelerate the yard turned to data driven, to intermediate has become a fait accompli, and it also give all brands has brought the new challenge, because traditional on scale effect has occupied the leading position of the big brands, their advantage may suddenly disappear.And rely on a full range of logistics solutions, the new brand may also through the data to better control, overtaking to bend and advantage, so as to gain a foothold in the market competition.

Most thoughtful brand owners know that they need access to the platform, but they don't want to rely on platforms, and they can't be completely tied to e-commerce platforms.To get out of their own brand path, they need to change their supply chain.In the whole process of extreme intelligence brands will also become the largest power, through carding of team, can help enterprises to do a good job in the reconstruction of the supply chain, including how to in combination with the new retail platform company to maximize efficiency.

All the time, the only information can be favored by the retail giant wal-mart, and it is recognized by many brands, which is inseparable from its rich experience and strong innovation ability.According to understand, only wise leadership team has several years experience in logistics and supply chain management, specializes in the supply chain process design and optimization of integrated supply chain, information technology planning and construction, etc.Think tank under the new retail revolution, only by the launch of a series of management platform by RFID, intelligent robots, advanced technology such as large data to predict for the new supply chain to provide background support, help the logistics enterprises to reduce costs, improve distribution efficiency.In the face of a new era of constant change, this is the perfect answer to the question of how to reduce the supply chain.

Wisdom logistics, as the "new retail" core engine, has gradually become a new retail industry development indispensable highway, make online fusion of full circulation of channels unblocked, let the "new retail" from the "last kilometer" jam, the car also let China's new economy drive faster and more stable.The future development direction of intelligent logistics, must be combined with big data, artificial intelligence and other new technology to create a free, open, sharing, transparency and credit system of "new logistics", is the whole logistics industry need to focus on new trends and the future.

On the wisdom:

It is the leading brand in China to propose and deploy the logistics hybrid cloud strategy, smart and mobile interconnection and provide a comprehensive solution of the supply chain.

Extreme intelligence information customers include wal-mart, master kong, its flagship car group, saic gm, foxconn in logistics, logistics, phoenix, jingdong, day by day, and gravels can and the world of logistics, such as a large number of star enterprise, example by APAC CIO Outlook magazine "top 25" Asia logistics technology company.


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