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Proper Storage Shelf Placement
Jun 15, 2018

Based on the requirements of storage system and management function and the documents provided by the structural layout of storage buildings, there are many forms of layout of storage shelves

Single warehouse shelves. Set up a room on one or both sides of the aisle and set up service facilities along the perimeter of the room. These rooms are dominated by natural lighting, supplemented by artificial lighting. The advantages of this warehouse shelf are: quiet indoor environment, less interference, easy to establish close interpersonal relationship. The disadvantage is: the space is not open enough, the warehouse personnel and the related work unit contact is not very direct. Single warehouse shelves are suitable for institutions that require cubicle storage functions, small units, or corporate storage houses. According to the need of use, if the organization is large, it can also combine several small single warehouse shelves to form a storage area. 

Suitable for middle storage shelves with 20 staff members or less. In addition to the service room for public use, group warehouse shelves have a relatively independent storage function. Usually the interior space of warehouse shelf is divided into reception room, storage (including the storage of senior management staff) and so on. According to the need of function and the possibility of building facilities, it can also set up conference room, washing room and so on. Because the group warehouse shelves not only make full use of the various public service facilities of the building, but also have a relatively independent and separated storage function, therefore, the group warehouse shelves are the best choice for enterprises to rent out storage rooms. In recent years, a large proportion of the interior space design and layout of high-rise rental buildings are in the form of group storage. This is a method of arranging large-depth spaces, also known as large-space storage shelves or open-room shelves. The open layout is beneficial to the warehouse personnel, the connection between storage groups, the utilization ratio of storage facilities and equipment, the reduction of public transportation area and structural area, and the increase of the usage volume of storage buildings. But the shelves of large space storehouse should deal with the sound insulation, sound absorption of air conditioning, and optimize the design of storage furniture, partition and other facilities, in order to overcome the disadvantages of indoor noise, confusion and mutual interference which are easy to appear in the open layout.

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