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Radio Shuttle Rack System Specification
Nov 09, 2017

Radio shuttle racking system, is one of the high-density warehouse storage racks.

An independently charged shuttle device that uses radio to remotely carry pallet loads and run on rails. Shuttle goods deep within the shelves, the shuttle can be exercised under the tray, the tray of goods from the shelf rail up, and the pallet of goods to the front of the shelf delivery port, the truck can access the goods from the rails. The forklift can also transport the shuttle from the rails to the rails of other shelves. Under normal circumstances, a forklift can correspond to all shuttles, but need to meet the length of the roadway, the number of roadway, shelf height and so on. Radio shuttle shelves system is and long-term large quantities of less variety of goods storage. The average usage is 90%.

Shuttle pallet storage system consists of radio shuttle shelves, battery-powered shuttle car, forklift three parts.

Radio shuttle racking system performance

● Achieve the highest concentration of pallet cargo storage, significantly reducing the cost of warehouse construction

First-in-first-out of goods, advanced and free to choose

● Achieve drive-in shelves without entering, import and export efficiency

Anti-seismic safety performance is much higher than the drive-in shelves

Compared with push back rack, gravity rack, Radio shuttle rack can help you save costs .

Advantages of radio shuttle rack (compared to drive-in shelves)

1. The forklift truck does not need to enter the roadway, and the safety of goods and personnel is improved

2. Access to goods efficiency increased by 50%

3. Hierarchical access, flexible

4. Can achieve FIFO and advanced back out

5. can automatically inventory

6. Advanced manufacturing process with one-piece rail, so that the shuttle car can be quiet and stable operation on the shelf

7. Anti-collision design, the overall shelf protection safety

8. Simple construction, suitable for all kinds of environment

9. Can be used cold storage

Please note: Radio Shuttle rack system in use, if the shuttle car in the middle of the roadway fault or the battery is not enough to complete a move in and out of goods, you can use the maintenance of the car to manually pull the shuttle from the laneway. At present, Nanjing OTS Racking Equipment Co.,Ltd increased the research and application of this equipment.

Radio shuttle racking

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