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Regular Inspection And Maintenance To Ensure Safe And Efficient Operation
Oct 17, 2017

Safety of pallet Shelves

Pallet storage shelves, like other devices in your facility, require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operation.

The following checks should be performed:

The shelves need to be fixed on the ground (if the bolt on the shelf is dropped, check the shelf leg).

All shelf load limits are affixed to the shelves.

Protective screens are installed around the corners to prevent damage.

There is no rational damage to the shelves.

The beam locking device (pins, bolts, etc.) should be firmly fixed at both ends of the beam.

The modification of the shelf has been approved by the manufacturer beforehand.

There is no breakage and rust on the shelf solder joints.

Common Shelf Issues:

Shelf damage-misuse of lifting equipment is the primary cause of destruction of shelf devices and collapses.

Load weight error-load weight exceeds the Designed racking system load capacity.

Configuration changed-shelf system configuration (shelf level, support style, etc.) has been carefully designed to meet operational needs.

Improper training of the operator without training-lifting equipment is the leading cause of shelf damage.

Changes in the operation-the enterprise is ordered to carry out the new operating procedure often will appear misuse situation.

Improper use or replacement of equipment-the rack system is designed to be integrated with a particular lifting device. Replacement of equipment may result in unpredictable misuse and shelf damage.

Reduce shelf support for cost savings-managers may choose to falsify actual support requirements to reduce the cost of racking devices.

Used devices-used devices can help save money, but there is also a risk that the device cannot be designed and validated, and that all previous damage is itself.

The store is mainly used to pile up those sensitive to the temperature of the goods, like seafood, vegetables or something to put the product soon. Prior to the preservation of the store with wooden shelves, but with the progress of technology and inventory requirements, metal pallet shelves are used in the preservation of the library. This is mainly because metal pallet shelves have more advantages.

1. In the raw materials into the plant, workshop production, finished products in the mechanical operation. Fast, high efficiency, a large number of manpower savings.

2. The stacking height of finished products can be up to 6 meters. Strong security features, while doubling the library capacity.

3. The stacking in the finished storehouse is arranged neatly, which reduces the product crush damage. Layer stacking, ventilation smooth, improve product storage quality, a large number of lower power consumption.

4. Use this product: one investment, long-term benefit

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