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Seven Functions Of Logistics System
May 14, 2018

1. Transportation function

Transportation is one of the core business of logistics and an important function of logistics system.Choose what kind of transportation means for logistics efficiency is of great significance, in determining the means of transport, the need to weigh the transport system requirements of transportation services and transportation cost, can from transport machinery service features judge benchmark: freight, shipping time, frequency, transport capacity and the safety of the goods, the time of the accuracy, applicability, scalability, network and information, etc.

2. Storage function

Warehousing and transportation are equally important components in a logistics system.Warehousing functions include a series of activities such as storage, management, storage, maintenance and maintenance of goods entering the logistics system.The role of warehousing mainly two aspects: one is to guarantee the use value and the value of the goods, the second is to delivery the goods to the user, the necessary processing in the center of the logistics activities and to save.With the development of economy, the logistics logistics by few varieties and large quantity to many varieties, small batch or batches and small batches of logistics, warehousing functions from attaches great importance to the storage efficiency gradually to attach importance to how to smoothly delivery and distribution operations.As a service point of logistics warehouse function, circulation warehouse plays an important role in circulation operation. 

3. Packaging function

In order to deliver the goods in the logistics process to the users in good condition, and meet the requirements of users and service objects, it is necessary to pack the most goods in different ways and to different degrees.Packing is divided into industrial packaging and commodity packaging.The role of industrial packaging is to separate products by units, facilitate transportation, and protect the goods in transit.The purpose of commodity packaging is to facilitate the final sale.Therefore, the function of packaging is to protect the goods, the unit, the convenience and the commodity advertisement and so on several aspects.The first three are logistics functions and the last one is marketing function.

4. Handling and handling functions.

Over transport and storage and handling is necessary logistics activity, is the transport, storage, packaging, circulation processing and logistics activities such as the cohesion of the intermediate links, and in keeping of activities for the purpose of inspection, maintenance, maintenance of loading and unloading activities, such as the loading of the goods on the unload, transfer, sorting, classification, etc.The representative forms of loading and unloading operations are containerization and palletization. The handling machinery and equipment used are cranes, forklifts, conveyors and various kinds of vehicles.During the whole process of logistics activities, loading and unloading activities occur frequently.It is one of the important reasons for product damage.For handling management, mainly is the way of handling, loading and unloading handling equipment selection and rational allocation and use and handling the rationalization, minimize the number of handling, to save the logistics cost, achieve better economic benefit.

5. Circulation processing function.

Circulation processing function is in the field of goods from production to consumption in the process of flow, in order to promote product sales, maintenance, product quality and realize the logistics efficiency, to processing, make items of physical or chemical changes in function.This further in the process of circulation of commodities of auxiliary processing, can make up for the enterprise, supplies department, business department in the process of production and processing level, more effectively meet the needs of users, to better link connecting production and demand, further rationalize circulation process, is an important value-added service of logistics activity, is also an important tendency of modern logistics development.

6. Distribution function

Distribution is a special and integrated activity form in logistics, which is a close combination of business flow and logistics.In terms of logistics, distribution includes almost all the logistics function elements, which is a microcosm of logistics or the embodiment of all activities of logistics in a small scope.The general distribution, loading and unloading, packaging, storage and transportation, through this series of activities to achieve the purpose of delivery of goods.Special delivery is also supported by processing activities, so it includes a wider range of aspects.However, the distribution of main body activity and the general logistics are different, the general logistics, transport and storage, and distribution is transportation and sorting distribution, sorting distribution is the unique requirements of distribution, the distribution characteristics of activities, for the purpose of shipping transportation is finally realize the distribution of the main means, starting from the main measure, often to simplify the distribution as one kind of transportation.From the perspective of commercial flow, the difference between distribution and logistics is that logistics is the product of the separation of goods and the distribution is the product of the integration of commerce and goods, and distribution itself is a kind of business form.Although the distribution is implemented in a specific way, it is also realized in the form of commercial separation. However, from the development trend of distribution, the increasingly close combination of commercial flow and logistics is an important guarantee for the success of distribution.

7. Information service function.

Modern logistics relies on information technology to ensure the normal operation of logistics system.Information service function of logistics system, including various functions associated with the above plan, forecast, dynamic (capacity, charge, and stock) fees associated with the intelligence and information, production information, market intelligence activities.Goods flow management of intelligence activity, request to establish information system and information channel, correctly selected subjects and intelligence collection, summary, statistic, use way, to ensure its reliability and timeliness.

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