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Structural Systems With A Strong Versatility
Oct 17, 2017

As a common lightweight shelves are differentiated and named according to their weight, in real life, lightweight warehouse shelves are widely used, usually for small pieces, lighter cargo storage, and its single layer of load-bearing preset in less than 150 kilograms of the range.

In general, light angle steel shelves are punching shelves, is a very versatile structure system, so it is widely used in assembling lightweight racks, workstations, tool cars, suspension systems, safety nets and supporting the skeleton.

Usually, the length of the punching angle is based on the scale of the fast cutting, with the screws arbitrarily assembled, modified and reinstalled, so that it can meet the careful planning of the use, but also to meet the need for emergency use, it can be said that this is in the light warehouse shelves application of the greatest advantage.

Lightweight shelves belong to the storage shelves of a type of shelf shelves. is based on the shelf load to distinguish and named. According to this division principle the lightweight shelves are smaller in all storage shelves. Usually shelves carry ≦150kg/layers (most of the shelf load is calculated in terms of layer-per-unit load).

Lightweight shelves are very economical and practical convenience of a warehouse shelf, because of its lighter load, it is often referred to as light shelves. The shelf is composed of three kinds of components: column, Crossbeam and laminate. The lightweight rack is designed with no screw combination, and the installation and disassembly is convenient and quick. Suitable for storing some light small pieces of goods, is a layer of shelf shelves. Lightweight shelves of the same structure and medium-sized, can be from the same disassembly, the height of 5cm spacing can be adjusted freely, but the relatively small size of the material specifications, bearing capacity is relatively small, this kind of light shelf prices relative to the economy, the structure of the relative universal angle steel shelves to stabilize, in the 1500cm span can carry 100-200kg. The surface uses spurts the plastic treatment, the beautiful neat. Suitable for storage of light and medium sized articles and artificial access.

1, shelves column: By the side of the corner steel, made of bilateral punching, hole distance to 50mm distance along the line, column hole used to hang the plate;

2, shelf steel PLATE: The production of cold-rolled steel plate according to the required size four-sided bending molding.

3. The column and the steel plate are connected with a fixed set of shelves by means of a quick Clasp card pin and a triangular fixed piece.

4. All parts of the shelves are processed well after being formed, all of them are polished and the pickling phosphating is fully automatic powder electrostatic spraying and drying process after the finished assembly. The production of the shelf product surface clean and beautiful, laminate can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily, easy disassembly.

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