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Suggestions On Developing Consumptive Warehousing In Chinese Logistics Enterprises
Jun 08, 2018

Try to develop consumptive warehousing business. For an existing business and innovative business in the field of warehousing, logistics enterprises can not turn a blind eye to it, nor can they blindly avoid it because they are afraid of risks. This is not a good way to solve the problem. For the strength of conditional logistics enterprises, can try to develop consumer warehousing business. On the one hand, logistics enterprises can open up new ideas for the circulation and processing of commodities, make the warehousing business of logistics enterprises extend to processing enterprises, prolong the industrial chain, and cultivate new profit growth points. This is similar to the financial services widely developed by logistics enterprises. On the other hand, logistics enterprises can open up new circulation business, so that the consumptive warehousing business can be comparable to the new business such as low price purchase and high price delivery, and at the same time, they can be familiar with the commodity futures business and accumulate experience for the future development of this business.

Carry out hedging business and carry out arbitrage transactions as appropriate. The operation mode of developing consumptive warehousing business is very simple, the profit of processing business is easy to grasp. But how to judge the stock price trend is very difficult work. The use of hedging business can solve this problem very well. The successful experience of many participants in futures market tells us that futures market can find price, avoid risk and lock in profit. At the same time, for the logistics enterprises with strength and ability, although hedging in the futures market is the main purpose, it does not rule out proper participation in arbitrage trading. Although Chinese enterprises have some lessons of failure in the past, the futures market is by no means a wild beast, and opportunities are often accompanied by risks. China's innovative logistics enterprises with certain strength can explore the whole logistics industry and obtain valuable first-hand information for logistics enterprises to deal with global financial innovation.

Actively train and introduce talents. The great success of western financial innovation and the bitter lesson of 2008 financial crisis tell us that in the face of innovation business, avoidance is no way out. Only with an open mind to study hard, calm face, is our logistics enterprises should have the correct mentality. China's logistics enterprises must actively face the innovative business of consumptive warehousing, train and introduce high-quality logistics personnel who are familiar with commodities, can operate, and understand finance. They are familiar with the laws and regulations of the domestic and foreign commodity futures market. To understand the regulatory requirements and operational rules of domestic and foreign commodity futures market, to be familiar with the information of market supply and demand, to be familiar with market participants and their operation means, to be familiar with strict business procedures and risk control systems.

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