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The Basic Connotation Of Warehousing
Jan 18, 2018

1, Warehousing first is a logistics activity, or logistics activity is the essential attribute of storage. Warehousing is not a production, not a transaction, but one of the logistics activities for production and transaction services. This shows that warehousing is only one of the logistics activities, logistics and other activities, warehousing should be integrated into the entire logistics system, and other logistics activities should be linked to match. This is a big difference from the past "warehouse management."

2, Warehousing activities, or storage of the basic functions include the entry and exit of goods, inventory, sorting, packaging, distribution and information processing of six aspects, of which the goods out of storage and in the warehouse management can be said that the most storage Basic activities, but also the basic functions of traditional warehousing, but the management tools and management level has been improved; sorting and packaging of goods, the past is there, but now more generally, more in-depth, more sophisticated, and even with the items Out of storage and in the library management combined to form the basic functions of modern warehousing; the reason why the "distribution" as warehousing activities, as one of the basic functions of storage, because the distribution is not a general sense of transport, but warehousing The natural extension is the memory requirement for the warehouse to develop into a distribution center. If it is not delivered, the warehouse is still an isolated warehouse. As for the information processing, it has become a common phenomenon in modern economic activities and certainly one of the contents of warehousing activities. Left the information processing, it will not become a modern warehouse.

3, The purpose of storage is to meet the needs of the supply chain upstream and downstream. This is a big difference in terms of depth and breadth from the past, which only met the needs of "clients." Who commissioned, who asked for, who is the customer; customers may be upstream producers, downstream retailers may also be within the enterprise, but storage can not only meet the immediate "customer" needs, but also to meet the "indirect" Customer is the client's customer needs; warehousing should be integrated into the supply chain upstream and downstream, according to the overall needs of the supply chain to establish the role of warehousing and service functions.

4, Storage conditions are specific tangible or intangible places and modern technology. Saying "specific" is because the supply chain of each enterprise is specific and the place of storage is certainly specific; of course, the tangible places refer to warehouses, freight yards or storage tanks. In the modern economic background, warehousing can also be carried out in a virtual space To carry out, also need the support of many modern technologies, leaving the modern storage facilities and information technology, there is no modern warehousing.

5, Storage methods and levels reflected in the effective planning, implementation and control and so on. Planning, execution and control are the basic connotations of modern management. Of course, scientific, rational and precise warehousing can not be separated from effective planning, implementation and control.

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