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The Meaning Of Rationalization Of Logistics Transportation
May 23, 2018

The meaning and significance of Logistics Transportation rationalization 

The rationalization of logistics transportation is to ensure the quality of transportation, with the appropriate means of transportation, the least number of transportation links, and the best transportation route, on the premise of ensuring the flow of goods to a reasonable flow. The minimum cost of transportation brings the goods to their destination. Its significance is reflected in the following aspects: 

(1) rationalization of logistics transportation can make full use of transportation capacity, improve transportation efficiency, promote rational division of labor among various modes of transportation, minimize labor consumption of social transportation, and meet the transportation needs of the national economy in a timely manner.

 (2) rationalization of logistics transportation can enable goods to take the most reasonable route and reach their destination with the shortest mileage in the fastest possible time through the least number of links, thus speeding up the circulation of goods and providing the market in a timely manner, It can also reduce the circulation cost of the material department, accelerate the turnover of funds, reduce the bad goods and gain good social and economic benefits.

 (3) the rationalization of logistics transportation can eliminate all kinds of waste phenomena in transportation, improve the quality of commodity transportation, give full play to the efficiency of transportation means, and save transportation capacity and labor force. Otherwise, unreasonable transportation will cause a lot of human, material and financial waste, and correspondingly transfer and add to the product, artificially increase the value of the product, increase the price of the product, thereby increasing the burden on the demand side.

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