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The Relationship Between Shelf Price And Steel Material
Nov 16, 2018

With the introduction of shelf technology, Nanjing has gathered a large number of high-quality shelf manufacturers. They mainly produce steel as raw materials, and introduce the concept of shelf storage into a warehouse management of enterprises with professional technology. While improving the efficiency of enterprise warehouses, Starting with its own shelf brand, Nanjing OTS is one of the quality manufacturers.

In recent years, the development of the shelf industry has become more rapid, the competition has become increasingly hot, and the competition in the market has made the shelf prices return to rationality and transparency. As the main raw material for shelves, steel is the main determinant of shelf price. Due to the downward pressure of China's economy in recent years, steel prices have fallen back to historical lows, which means that shelf prices have fallen back to historical lows, compared with a decade ago. In terms of price, steel prices are almost the same as history.

However, today is not the past, the increase of labor costs, the increase of management costs, has a certain impact on the shelf price, and China's economy from the multi-faceted data to reflect the signs of bottoming out, foreign trade is growing, industrial procurement The index is picking up, and the development of the logistics industry has also expanded the demand for domestic shelves. It is inevitable that the shelf price is higher than history.

Of course, in any case, steel prices are always the main determinant of shelf prices. After all, with the continuous improvement of automation technology, labor costs and management costs will also decline.

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