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The Solution Of Third-Party Warehouse Logistics Industry
May 25, 2018

The daily management and control activities of warehousing logistics mainly include three aspects: in, out and storage. In commercial enterprises without computerized management, a large number of business operations and management activities are performed manually. In management, due to a large number of necessary information can not be collected, processed and used in time, resulting in a huge waste of funds and goods backlog. 

Therefore, in today's fierce market environment, managers and managers urgently need to use modern management tools and means to strengthen the internal management of enterprises, speed up logistics turnover, improve the utilization rate of funds, and accurately grasp the business situation of supply and marketing. Timely organization of best-selling goods, reduce inventory and circulation costs, improve the level of modern management of enterprises, so that enterprises in the market invincible. This kind of realistic management condition and management request becomes the important premise of the information management combining computer and automatic identification. 

Third party warehousing and logistics transportation: in distribution center warehouse, the concept of warehouse, warehouse and warehouse is established first. The warehouse is divided into several warehouses; each warehouse is divided into several storerooms. Warehouse is a separate and closed inventory space in warehouse. The space in warehouse is classified into storage space, and the inventory space can be defined more clearly after the definition is subdivided. Then, the warehouse management system divides the goods according to the name, model, specification, place of origin, brand name, packing and so on, and allocates the unique bar code, according to the bar code, manages the goods inventory and manages the single piece collection of the goods number. And used in warehouse operations, including: out of storage, disk library, and so on. Different business in their own way, the warehouse to complete the purchase, marketing, storage management. 

For container terminals: nowadays, in the management of terminals and container yards, time is money, efficiency is life. Fast, accurate and safe container handling is an essential factor in achieving maximum productivity and profitability. Based on the wharf of Wheder Yongyi software system, the solution of container yard can realize the real-time data information of the enterprise, and the employees can collect, input and share the data at any mobile working point. 

For product after-sales tracking service: through the product after-sales service information collection and tracking, product identification number feedback product after-sales maintenance records, monitoring product maintenance point information, record statistical maintenance reasons. Establish after-sale maintenance files. It provides the basis for the after-sale warranty service of the enterprise products, at the same time, it can effectively control the difficulties brought by the after-sale service, such as the loss of warranty caused by the replacement of the important parts of the sale product, the false repair report of the seller and so on.

 For express shipping or material tracking: for express delivery companies, the delivery number with bar code to show, can effectively prevent manual copying order number error, convenient express company shipping orders, goods management. In addition, in any state of cargo handling, such as receiving a customer's goods or goods from a courier recipient after being transferred to a transit point, a data collector can be used to scan the bar code on the waybill, The data is transmitted to the company's server in real time through GPRS, the customer can combine with the online query system of the express company, can let the customer to the status of the goods, which place has been sent, it is clear at a glance.

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