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The Way Out Of Warehouse Logistics
May 28, 2018

Current situation of warehousing logistics

First, warehousing logistics related facilities and lack of research. Due to the poor condition of rural roads, various transportation and storage equipment, as well as processing and preservation technology are relatively backward, resulting in storage logistics loss is generally high, not only low operational efficiency, but also high transport costs. 

Second, logistics information construction lags behind. Logistics information construction is the main motive force for the healthy development of warehousing logistics. At present, the quantity of warehouse logistics in our country is large, the variety is many, the quality is not varied, and there is no specialized planting base, and the informationization degree of logistics in our country is relatively low, which affects the information of supply and demand in the market. 

Third, the storage environment is not optimistic. Warehouse logistics storage needs better storage environment and facilities, because warehousing logistics is an important means of life for people. Storage logistics production is restricted by natural conditions. Because of different climate, soil, precipitation and other conditions, warehouse logistics planting is suitable for different varieties. Fourth, storage logistics costs are high. At present, the cost of warehousing logistics is still very high, because there are many logistics circulation links and the logistics speed is slow, resulting in a high wastage rate. 

Fifth, the serious shortage of logistics professionals. At present, the lack of professional logistics personnel phenomenon is very obvious. For many graduates of logistics major, when they choose to work, they will choose to stay in the city, serve the industrial logistics, and few logistics professionals choose to serve in the countryside or town.

Countermeasures for Warehouse Logistics

First, strengthen the construction of supporting facilities. Modern agriculture should change the traditional thinking mode of "agricultural production" and "food industry" and "circulation industry", promote the coordination and cooperation of agricultural production, food processing and circulation, in order to seek the benefit of industrial chain. A new pattern of organizing big agriculture, big food, large circulation, domestic and international big market is gradually formed. The construction of warehouse logistics park is an effective model. 

Second, improve the level of logistics technology. Warehousing logistics picking, fresh-keeping, sorting, packaging, transportation, storage and other links of technology is an important guarantee for the modernization of warehousing logistics. 

Third, attach importance to the training and organization of warehousing logistics professionals. Warehousing logistics professionals should not only master professional scientific theory knowledge, but also master the practical experience of modern logistics. We should speed up the upgrading and transformation of traditional cooperative organizations and constantly improve their comprehensive capabilities, and in the process, make the weak producers benefit, so as to encourage the expansion of cooperative functions. 

Fourth, simplify the circulation link. The state should do a good job of macro-control and create a more favorable market environment for the development of warehousing logistics by means of various policies, regulations, systems and industry management.

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