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Transport Cost Difference Between China And The United States
Jun 14, 2018

Transportation costs in the United States include road transportation, rail transportation, waterway transportation, air transportation, freight forwarders, oil pipeline transportation and cargo owner fees. Road transportation includes urban transportation costs and interregional truck transportation costs, and cargo owner costs include transportation department operation and handling costs. Expressed by formula: transportation cost = road transportation, railway transportation, waterway transportation, oil pipeline transportation, air transportation freight forwarding related cost, cargo owner cost. In the past ten years, the transportation cost in the United States has accounted for about 6% of GNP, and it has been maintained, which shows that the transportation cost is in keeping with the growth of the economy. The estimate of transport costs is based on the Transportation in America annual report published by the Enoch Transportation Foundation. The transportation cost in China refers to the total cost of goods transportation in various aspects of the national economy in the social logistics activities. It includes the freight paid to the carrier of the goods (i.e., the revenue from the freight from afar; the fee paid to the provider of the auxiliary service, such as the handling and storage agent (i.e., the revenue from the freight operation of the provider of the auxiliary service); Additional transportation expenses paid to the transportation management and investment department, such as transportation construction funds, tolls, bridge tolls, gate tolls, and so on borne by the consignor. Express with the formula: transportation cost = freight, loading, unloading, handling, etc., transportation surcharge. Specific calculation, according to the railway transport, road transport, water transport, air transport and pipeline transport different modes of transport and corresponding business accounting methods respectively. Obviously, the difference of the composition and statistical way of the transportation cost between China and the United States is small.

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