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Warehouse Will Enter The Era Of Automated Stereo Warehouse
Jun 12, 2018

In recent years, the development trend of automated stereo database is as follows: 1. The level of automation and management has been improved, the speed of operation has been accelerated, the incoming and outgoing capacity has been enhanced, and the turnover rate of goods has been improved; 2. The variety of goods stored is becoming more and more diversified and the scope of application is becoming wider and wider; 3. More closely combined with the enterprise process, become a part of production logistics, sales logistics; 4. The reliability and safety of warehouse operation have been improved.

In practical applications, how can the automated stereoscopic storehouse produce maximum productivity and efficiency?

First, the enterprise should first rationally plan and build the automatic three-dimensional library suitable for its own needs. In general, the automated warehouse includes: the storage area, the inspection area, the palletizing area, the storage area, the temporary storage area, the temporary storage area of the tray, the temporary storage area and the sundries area.

Second, the enterprise needs to strengthen the management of the automatic three-dimensional library. On the one hand, the enterprise can use the storage management system (WMS) to realize the logistics management information, grasp the logistics changes in time, and improve the level of logistics management in an all-round way. On the other hand, because of the integration of the high and new technologies such as light, machine, electricity, automatic control, communication, information and so on, the automation stereo library is integrated. This also requires users' knowledge level.

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