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What Are The Factors That Affect The Development Of Logistics Industry
Jun 06, 2018

As one of the most rapidly developing industries in China, the logistics industry has been developing rapidly in the past few years, and is in the critical period of great changes in the industry. But the development of logistics industry does face many constraints, the key is to remove institutional barriers. For example, the administrative examination and approval system of logistics industry restricts the development of logistics. For example, the market opening in the field of logistics is not enough, and the investment and operation of railway transportation, air transportation, large logistics hub and terminal facilities have not yet been fully opened to social capital. These factors cannot but restrict the development of logistics industry. 

Opinion has two main words: one is to reduce the cost and increase efficiency, the other is the real economy. Therefore, the factors that affect the development of logistics industry can be clearly understood: high cost and low efficiency. The high cost is due to the lack of policy and the disorder of market competition. In addition to the high cost of the logistics industry, weak competitiveness and lack of power, there are also small, scattered, chaotic, weak and unbalanced development of the logistics industry. Li Changan: the development of the logistics industry has encountered a lot of difficulties and bottlenecks, which mainly include "camp reform and increase" pilot completely open, the logistics industry is mainly the road freight enterprise tax increase problem has not been effectively resolved; Individual transport operators cannot issue VAT invoices in other places; tax rates in all links in the logistics industry are still not uniform; license processing, inspection and inspection of freight drivers and operating vehicles, duplication of inspection and inspection, and inconsistent and non-standard road law enforcement actions, The toll charge standard is on the high side.

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