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What Is The Cause Of The Trouble In The Freight Industry
Jun 19, 2018

In fact, the so-called high-quality supply has already been partitioned by large logistics companies and motorcade. Because they have the strength, the scale, the transportation has the security, therefore the cargo owner will give priority. 

As you can imagine, as a retail driver without full voice, freight would naturally not be very ideal. Before that, we had analyzed the causes of the low fares more than once, but even so, a number of drivers said it was difficult to understand. Today we are going to analyze the reasons for the low freight rate again. Excess capacity means more cars and less goods. After the publication of the "9 21" limit on the total quality of vehicles and goods, many heavy truck mainframe manufacturers have introduced a number of new models one after another, and the truck sales volume of the last two years has repeatedly broken the record of the highest value in history. 

As a result of the influence of the "ruling over orders", there has been a rise in freight charges in the market. People believe that the freight industry will certainly warm up, so they join the army of car buyers one after another, hoping to get a share in the freight industry. As a result, the transportation capacity far exceeds the actual demand, and the supply-demand relationship is seriously out of balance. More people and more cars, but less cargo, the freight rate on the corresponding reduction. On the one hand, the malicious reduction of prices is due to the fact that some drivers do not enter the freight industry for a long time, do not form fixed lines, are not familiar with the line charges between various regions, but because of the heavy pressure on loans, they have repeatedly retrogressed with regard to freight charges. Even though freight profits are meagre and far below the market average, they still bite the bill to pay their loans and make a living. 

On the other hand, the distribution information department layer by layer. When the driver actually receives the freight, the fee goes through at least twice before the reverse hand, one is the source side and the other is the information department, if there are other intermediaries involved in the middle, there will be almost no profit from the final fee to the driver. Malevolent overloading reason is very simple answer, the goods that two cars pull is pulled by one car, that surplus vehicle is more, in the market that originally supply is limited, freight rate will be pulled naturally low. Although there is the promulgation of the strictest order, but the implementation of the situation is not optimistic. In many areas, compliant drivers have no goods to pull, desperate to choose overloaded drivers but continue to live strange. The drop in oil prices is believed to have been encountered by many drivers when they were pulling goods. 

Cargo owners often use the reason of "now that the price of oil is down, the freight is definitely not going to be high." but when the price of oil is rising, But the freight does not increase correspondingly, this makes the driver difficult to accept.


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