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What’s The Difference Between Warehouse Distribution Center And Logistics Center?
Jul 10, 2018

Warehouses, logistics centers, and distribution centers are all self-operated or on behalf of customers to store and transport goods. It can also be said that in the past, various departments, storage and transportation companies at all levels, it is more difficult to distinguish absolutely, and sometimes their business has obvious Cross-cutting; so-called multi customer, multi-variety, multi-frequency picking or large-capacity car or rail transport and a small number of large-scale warehousing methods are also relatively speaking. The warehouse has been gradually replaced by logistics centers and distribution centers. In addition to the seasonal production of obvious grain reserves, cotton warehouses, fruit warehouses, cold storage seafood warehouses and military reserve warehouses, the storage and maintenance are still the mainstay.

Because all three have the function of keeping and maintaining items and other similar functions, only the degree, strength and weakness, in addition, the logistics center and distribution center are developed and derived from the warehouse. Therefore, sometimes we say that the warehouse, including the logistics center and distribution center, is the collective name of the three.

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