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What Should Su Ning Do In The Middle Of The Year
Jun 04, 2018

Sales will go up five times 75 inches or a big cut

As early as 2018, Su Ning and Philips signed a full-year color TV sales target of 1.5 billion yuan, and around the line and offline channel integration, supply chain, Wenchuang, sports and other aspects of the signing of strategic agreements. The two sides plan to target a 75-inch push during the middle of the year and achieve a 5-fold increase in sales. The core of color TV market competition is: product brand channel. In terms of products, the two sides closely meet consumer demand, push 75 inches and above, and enter ordinary people's homes at light prices. Brand, both sides adhere to good hardware good content good brand three good TV strategy. Channel, as the first channel of home appliances, Su Ning occupies an absolute advantage in high-end, large-screen products, in the year of World Cup marketing, will enhance the overall market share, impact high-end models no. 1.

Play the experience card again 80 inches big screen scene shop will be available

In April, when Fan Zhijun, vice president of Su Ning Retail Group, visited Sony's headquarters, the two sides agreed on in-depth cooperation on sports marketing for the 2018 World Cup, from product to content to big IP. The two sides have ordered 200000 customized sports content TV sets, and will be fully promoted in more than 4000 stores below the Su Ning line. Industry speculation that Su Ning will visit Sony again before the World Cup, the two strategic products and marketing methods, will soon meet with consumers. Wang Dong said that Su Ning's "one-door weapon" is online and offline all channels to provide consumers with a variety of consumer scenarios to optimize the consumption experience. Su Ning will open up its dominant resources and work with Sony to build an 80-inch and more situational sales experience store that will bring Sony's high-end products to more consumers.

Grasping the opportunity of Smart Retail and infiltrating the low Line Market with High efficiency 

In 2018, Su Ning wisdom retail all over the world. Including SUNING cloud stores, retail cloud and many other offline retail formats, not only accelerate the brand product coverage, but also let consumers have a more comprehensive understanding of high-end products, increasing brand stickiness. In the talks, Philips and Sony have expressed the wisdom of Su Ning retail layout is very optimistic. Philips side, Su Ning will select core stores in the country, a multiplication plan. In order to promote the upgrading of Philips TV rural industrial chain Philips TV industry chain is upgraded with the help of retail cloud and other submergence to the 4th and 6th grade market. For its part, Su Ning will open up its 600m member big data to segment the market, accelerating the penetration of Sony's high-end products into the first-tier and second-tier markets and continuing to boost market share of Sony's high-end products.

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