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Project Name:Drive In Racking

Project Site: Chile

Project Finish Date: July 2014

Total pallets: 2200pallets

Delivery Time: 30 days


Background description:

It is a food factory. The warehouse is -25℃ low temperature cold room. In the previous, the customers were using foldable mesh container for storage. The foldable mesh container size is L1200*W1000*H1400.Although the foldable mesh container can satify multi-layer stacking of low density, the amount of storage is not enough. In the previous, some racks suppliers recommend them to use racks instead of foldable mesh container , Considering the cost , they refuse it.In October 2013, the customer contacted us and hoped that we could provide a program to solve the problem of insufficient inventory. We discussed with customer that we can put foldable mesh container on the shelves. So we can save the extra cost of the purchase steel pallet for customer.


1. Packing specification: L1200*W1000*H1400

2.Capacity: 1500kg / cage

3. 5 layer storage

In order to meet the stability and safety of steel structure bearing in multiple earthquake zone, our engineers carry out seismic design and carry out finite element analysis diagram of steel structure.


Due to the different steel material numbers in each country, we chose Q235B as our main material and chose double column structure.The root of the shelf is relatively large, traditional form of the column and the installation of the transverse bracing are insufficient to meet the use of the earthquake zone. following figure:


After many communications we confirm the program:


So far, we have cooperated perfectly and successfully.

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